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September 4th – Gwinnett Center – “Selling & Closing Skills For a Difficult Market” – 9:00 am to 4:30 PM – 6 continuing education credits available for the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

We offer seminars to corporate clients in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. To schedule, call (770) 287-7808.

There is no more effective learning mode than to experience a live Charles Clarke Seminar. They are not only profitable (in the sense of increasing your bottom line) but they’re also a lot of fun, with plenty of role playing and real-life illustrations.

Over the years Charles has developed six different highly practical, easy to implement seminars. The first three seminars are referred to as The Master Closer Trilogy. Each component of this trilogy is a full day of material and can be scheduled separately or consecutively to meet your needs.

Seminar Descriptions

1. The PhD Level of Selling: Becoming the Jedi Master Closer
Charles Clarke III is the Lord of the Selling Ring. He is a master of the sale and a master of the close. In this course he shares his original, proven strategies--strategies that propel salespeople to maintaining a 1 in 5 closing ratio. During this ground-breaking program, Charles reveals the secrets of a Master Closer, demonstrates the techniques that develop Master Closers, and guides salespeople to becoming Lords of the (Selling) Ring, and Master Closers themselves.

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2. Learn How to Hire Well (Instead of Fire Well)
Too many builders, sales directors, and hiring managers pour too much precious time and energy into the interview process. Learn how to find better fitted employees for your company in a fraction of the time. Charles has perfected the group interview method, and in this management level seminar demonstrates how effective group interview techniques result in more productivity and a stronger team.

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3. Goal Setting and Creating a Burning Desire for Success
Learn how to create new drive and motivation for success by setting goals and then following the New Critical Path to achieve them. Sales managers will learn how to inspire their sales team to reach new heights of success and will learn the goal setting and rewards systems that are most effective with each employee personality type.

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4. BOLT 101
This is an explanation of our Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers System of Personality Based Selling. It covers the following material:

  • Defining each animal personality.

  • Eleven ways of recognizing each animal within the first 2 minutes.

  • A self scoring quiz to uncover your own animal group.

  • Negotiating strategies for selling more and giving up less to each animal.

  • The distinct buying habits of each animal.

  • How different products or features appeal to different animals.

  • Self Prospecting: 10 innovative marketing techniques on a shoestring budget, guaranteed to drastically increase your traffic.

  • How to at least double your sales.


This seminar shows you the value of having at your disposal four distinct Critical Paths so that you don’t end up giving the same cookie cutter presentation to every person you see. Instead you will give each prospect the particular kind of presentation that they will be the most responsive to. The effect on your closing ratio is remarkable.

Each animal wants to be treated differently along the steps of the critical path to a sale.

  • The 13 Mind Locks for Success.

  • Meeting and Greeting.

  • Qualifying For Needs and Wants.

  • Presenting Your Product.

  • Selection of Preference.

  • Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale.

  • The Seven Secrets of Maximum Personal Influence.

  • How to Transform Your Entire Selling Experience.

This seminar reveals that even though it may seem like there are as many different objections out there as there are prospects, in fact they can all be derived from only seven underlying objections. Once you know how to overcome these seven, then any variations can be easily addressed as well. Charles then takes it one step further, by giving you four separate strategies for overcoming each of these seven, that’s one strategy for each of the four animals.
  • How every objection you’ve ever heard can be boiled down to seven root objections. Strategies for overcoming each objection based on their animal personality.

  • The 14 all time best closing techniques.

  • Analyzing 25 different closes.

  • How each objection means something different to each animal.
    These first three seminars are referred to as The Master Closer Trilogy. Each component of this trilogy is a full day of material and can be scheduled separately or consecutively to meet your needs.


The ability to persuade people will carry you a long way in life. The problem with most negotiating seminars is that they start from the premise that there is one right way to negotiate, and teach you to use that same approach in any transaction.

For example many negotiating seminars incorporate the reading of a person’s body language as a starting point for gauging the status of the deal. But they assume that every time you see a particular sign, it will mean the same thing for each person. The truth is, the four different animals display very different body language – even to the degree that the exact same sign will mean completely opposite attitudes when coming from different animals.

This can cause you to make costly mistakes in strategy, such as thinking the person was acting defensive when in fact they were ready to sign on the dotted line. And body language is only one of many facets of negotiating which can be strengthened by a knowledge of the animal personalities.

As you now know, different people are more responsive to different forms of motivation. So first you have to be able to recognize what kind of animal you’re dealing with, and then treat them accordingly.

This seminar applies Charles’ BOLT system to all the various facets of negotiating, and shows you which strategies will work on which animal, and which will backfire.

A great deal of time and energy is burned up on the part of managers attempting to get their employees to do what they want them to do, and to keep everybody in line. Much of this is due to supervisors trying to manage people the way that they themselves would like to be managed. They incorrectly assume that other people will respond to instructions the same way they themselves would respond. This results in frustration for both the manager and the employee.

You don’t have to treat everybody the same in order to treat everybody fairly. In fact it is the greatest sign of respect to interact with your employees in the particular way that resonates with them.

For instance, it’s not really true that all salespeople are motivated purely by money. Some are thoroughly motivated just by the prestige of a high status company or product. Others find sufficient reward in helping people make the right choice, one that will genuinely improve their lives. And yet most companies use a strictly money based reward structure. (Because their policy was written by a person who was money motivated.)

This seminar applies our BOLT system to the arena of personnel management, in such a way as to gain the most productivity from each member of your team. As a side effect, each employee ends up feeling more fulfilled as well. And that means greater loyalty and less turnover. You will even be able to conduct meetings more effectively. And you will know how to keep different salespeople motivated and energized.

Oh, No! Not another time management seminar! Isn’t it ironic that some time management seminars are themselves wastes of time? Not this one. This is some of the most practical and usable material on this subject you will find anywhere.

First Charles helps you to understand yourself better, as well as why other people perceive you the way they do. Why does one person find certain tasks easy and other tasks excruciating? While the person in the next office can breeze through the second tasks, but get defeated by the first tasks, the ones the other person thought were easy?

Knowing the answers to this greatly improves your ability to prioritize your own To Do list. Everybody tells you “You need to prioritize,” but Charles shows you how. And it will be a way that feels totally natural to you.
We also cover:

  • The timing of when to do a task so that you will be the most effective at it.

  • When is it appropriate to seek help with a particular task?

  • When is the right time to delegate, and to whom?

  • What kind of automatic procedures can you put in place, to be triggered by certain events, that will put some portion of your tasks on auto-pilot?

  • How to decide in advance how much time to allocate to each task.

  • How to control when you will be interrupted.

We offer seminars to corporate clients in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. To schedule, call 678-516-4833.


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