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The BOLT System

Charles J. Clarke III is the creator of the BOLT System for getting the results you want from any interactions with people. Based on decades of scientific research, this system can be used for closing sales, for designing advertising, for generating leads, or for negotiating. The skills can also be used for managing coworkers or for getting along with relatives.

BOLT stands for Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers. These particular animals represent the four specific personality types different people can have. Every person you ever meet will be one of these four animal types. Charles teaches you how to identify which animal type a person is, and how to speak their language in the way that’s most persuasive to them. This proves to be very useful in many areas of life.

Since 1968, thousands of professionals have implemented the BOLT System, and have seen dramatic results, often doubling their sales within two months.

Not only will your closing ratio improve, but your customers will also feel more satisfaction, because you will actually understand their needs and their motivations.

  • Bottom Line, Get To The Point

  • Seeks To Control The Negotiation
  • Very Analytical, Detail Oriented Researcher

  • Seeks Logical Order


  • Seeks To Please People, Avoids Conflict

  • Takes Forever To Make Up Their Mind


  • Very Expressive and Fun-Loving

  • Impulsive and Excitable

The four animal types are extremely consistent in their behavior, and in their decision making processes. This means that once you have identified a person’s animal, you can make all kinds of predictions about the ways they will act and about their likes and dislikes. The BOLT System has proven to be 80 to 90 % accurate in predicting these things. What would it be worth to you to be able to know in advance how your prospects will react?

Charles has also identified eleven specific ways of recognizing someone’s personality type, even a total stranger’s, within the first two minutes of meeting them.

All this material is presented in a very humorous way and with lots of practical applications so you can start using it immediately.
Charles J. Clarke III is a fun, engaging communicator who delivers memorable, genuinely beneficial, out of the ordinary talks for conventions and for sales training.

Why This Works

  • Our whole system is based on the simple fact that people are different.
    Because people are different, it’s a mistake to use the same sales script
    on every prospect.

  • You lose sales that way, sales you could have made if you would have
    changed your pitch to match the person.

  • People fall into four major groups of personality.

  • These four groups behave differently and make purchases differently.

  • So the smart thing to do is to develop four different sales presentations,
    so you have one that appeals to each group.

  • Then all you have to do is identify which group a prospect is in.

  • And we also have proven techniques for that, with 90% accuracy.

  • By following our system, you can make two to three times as many sales, in the same amount of time.

  • Our system is so intuitive; it’s actually hard to forget!!


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